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The -not under EHEA (European Higher Education Area) university degrees were classified as follows:

Diplomatura (HND) : They are first-cycle degrees, with a duration of three years. They enable students to access some second-cycle degrees.

Licenciatura (Bachelor?s Degree) : Depending on the study program they can be 4 or 5-year degrees (6 years in the case of Medicine and Pharmacy studies). Once finished, the student cas access post-graduate studies.

Licenciatura de Segundo Ciclo (Second-cycle-only Bachelor?s Degree): These are 2-year degrees that can be followed by students who have already completed a first-cycle degree (Diplomatura) or a different two-cycle degree. Because students sometimes come from different university backgrounds, they are required to take some complementary classes before they can access the first year of studies, or sometimes take these subjects during their first year. This "bridge course" is known as "complementos de formación" or "curso puente".

Ingeniería Técnica (Technical Engineering Degree): These are 3-year degrees. A graduation project is required after completion of all the credits before the degree can be awarded. Students holding this degree can later access Higher Engineering studies.

Ingeniería Superior (Higher Engineering Degree): These are two-cycle degrees, usually based on a 5-year system. Again, a final graduation project is required.

Doctorado (PhD studies) :These post-graduate studies can be accessed by holders of a Bachelor?s Degree, a Higher Engineering Degree or an Architect?s Degree.
In order to be able to write a doctoral thesis, students must previously obtain a minimum of 20 credits of graduate subjects and write a project work worth 12 credits that should provide proof that they are ready for the in-depth research entailed by a doctoral thesis.


Under  the directives set by the European Higher Education Area, the official university degree qualifications are grouped in three separate study cycles each leading to the award of a specific degree qualification.

First-cycle studies lead to an EHEA  degree qualification (in most cases for a total of 240 European credits) while second- and third-cycle studies (known together as postgraduate programs) lead to the award of master's degree and a doctoral qualification.

You can check in the pdf files below both the simultaneous disparition of old degree and the implementation of the new ones under EHEA.

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