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Enrolment on the first course of university studies for students with pre-university studies that may be officially recognised by the spanish ministry of education

Students with foreign pre-university studies will be able to apply for a place on a course of university studies according to the studies completed in the country of origin and the official recognition process or homologation by the Spanish Ministry of Education involving their comparison with qualifications and studies in the Spanish educational system.

  • Applicants coming from EU- Members' education systems or through other countries' education systems where international agreements applicable on this subject have been signed.

Each student must provide a credential issued by theNational University for Distance Education (U.N.E.D.), responsible for the complying validation with the requisites and conditions that authorize access to higher education for applicants referred in this section, according to Resolution of 14March 2008 (BOE from 21/03/2008).

  • Rest students.

1) The student requesting homologation or official recognition of pre-university studies as being equivalent to a Spanish course of study or qualification should apply to the Spanish Education Ministry ( Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia ).

a) If homologation is obtained for the Spanish Bachillerato (Baccalauréate),  the student who wishes to attend University will have to pass a University Entrance Test ( Prueba de Acceso a Estudios Universitarios ) (known in Spanish as ‘selectividad' ). Students will be able to choose between taking the access test at the U.N.E.D. (a distance learning centre), at the public university of their choice (if they are foreign nationals or Spanish nationals residing outside of Spain) or at any public university located in their province of residence in Spain (if they are Spanish nationals who are resident within Spain).

b) If their studies are officially recognised as being equivalent to the Qualification of Técnico Superior  [Senior Technician] (Vocational Training), the student will be allowed to apply for a place on a university course, entry being decided in each case, taking account of the nature of university course and its relation to the officially recognised vocational training.

2) Students with no studies or qualifications that allow access to university, who are over 25 years old  and who wish to embark on a course of university studies, may sit an access test for mature students ( Prueba de Acceso para mayores de 25 años ).

3) The student who has homologated a university qualification at the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science will be able to apply for entry to a course of studies leading to a new qualification.

Admission form

All students who wish to enrol on the first course of an official qualification at the University of Burgos will have to complete a Pre-inscription ( Preinscripción ) in accordance with the procedures and closing dates for registration that are fixed on an annual basis.

In this process of allocating places, the universities will reserve a number of places for national students from non-EU countries that do not belong to the European Economic Space who have passed the Entrance Test to Spanish Universities during the current or the previous academic year, provided that their respective countries apply the principle of reciprocity in this matter to a certain number of university places. At present 3% of the places are reserved under this scheme for those qualifications where demand is greater than the places on offer and to which admission is therefore limited.



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