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Explanation of Reasons

The European Doctorate came about in 1991 as an initiative of the former Liaison Committee of Rectors' Conferences of the Member States of the European Union, the other European countries being included at a later date. In this initiative, that was formalized in the Declaration of March 1993, a series of requirements were established to be met by the doctorand during the preparation of the Thesis and its defense, for the purpose of being awarded a specific mention referred to as the ‘European Doctorate', such that the capacity and the responsibility for conferring this mention is entirely dependent on each University.

Requirements needed to opt for the accreditation of European Doctorate

In order to be awarded the mention "European Doctorate" it will be necessary, in addition to following the standard procedures that are currently in place, to comply with the following requirements:

1. The Thesis must have been completed, in part, in another European country, the doctorand having to accredit a period of residence of at least three months engaged in activities related to the content of the doctoral thesis.

2. Favourable reports must be presented from at least two doctoral professors belonging to higher education institutions or research institutes from two different European Union countries. None of the doctors that subscribe to the reports may be the thesis director. The reports shall be reasoned and shall make a statement as to the suitability of the candidate for the award of the Degree of Doctor.

3. At least one member of the Adjudication Panel for the Doctoral Tesis will belong to a higher education institution or research institute from another country of the European Union, those university professors responsible for the preliminary reports contemplated under the previous point being unable to participate in this process .

4. One part of the defense of the Doctoral Thesis and a written report shall be completed in the official language of another European state as proposed by the doctorand. In this respect, steps will be taken to ensure that at least two members of the adjudication panel possess the necessary linguistic skills.

Administrative Procedures

Once the Thesis has been submitted for approval, the doctorand with an interest in being awarded the mention of "European Doctorate" from the University of Burgos must submit the appropriate form (MODELO L ) accompanied by the following documentation:

a. Favourable reports referred to under point 1 of the latter requirements

b. Certification of residence, issued by the Institution where the research was undertaken.

The evaluation of the reports and the certification referred to under points a) and b) of the aforementioned section is the responsibility of the Doctoral Committee of the University of Burgos.

Having assessed the reports, the agreement of the Doctoral Committee along with the rest of the documentation for the final reading of the thesis will be submitted to the Secretary of the Panel responsible for adjudication of the thesis.

Following the public defense of the Thesis, the Secretary of the panel will certify compliance with points 3 and 4 of the requirements to opt for the European Doctorate, which are,

c. that the Adjudication Panel has been constituted by, at least, one member belonging to a higher education institution or research institute from another European state, and

d. That the defense of the Doctoral Thesis was completed, in part, in an official language of another European State.

Academic accreditation of the European Doctorate

The European mention will be included on the obverse side of the Doctor's qualification, as "DOCTOR EUROPEUS", provided that the aforementioned conditions have been met (art. 14 RD 56/2005 de 21 de enero ) [art 14 Royal Decree 56/2005 of 21st January 2005].



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