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Cultural activities are the ideal complement to the classroom experience. They are designed to give closer insight into socio-cultural aspects of our language, in a more leisurely way.

During the courses, we have programmed a series of cultural activities that aim to foster communication between students in the atmosphere of a Spanish university. These activities are organised and supervised by the University of Burgos.

Cultural activities are divided into three groups:

  • Cultural visits
  • Workshops
  • Whole-day / weekend cultural excursions


Cultural Visits

  • Guided walks in the city to visit the major museums and historic buildings, accompanied by art and history teachers.



  • Cookery workshop : learn to prepare Spanish dishes such as paella and tortilla and drinks such as sangria .
  • Dance workshop : learn to dance flamenco and other Latino and Spanish dances.
  • Music workshop : listen and identify with the feelings expressed in the songs of the country and its people.
  • Theatre workshops : role-play characters and enact scenes from Spanish theatre.
  • Spanish cinema : watch and discuss contemporary Spanish films.


Whole-day / weekend cultural excursions

Burgos is in a privileged geographical setting and has many places of both cultural and artistic interest. Outings to Salamanca, Toledo, Madrid or the wineries of la Ribera can easily be organised on Saturdays or Sundays.
Visits to other cities such as Barcelona, Seville or Granada may also be arranged.



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