Universidad de Burgos
Universidad de Burgos
  • Ingles
  • Portugues
  • Chino


  • Provide practical knowledge of the language as a communicative tool
  • Facilitate the learning of Spanish by means of linguistic immersion in the daily life of the country

Aimed at: Those interested in learning or improving their knowledge of Spanish language and culture.

 Contents :

    • Theoretical and practical classes
    • Oral and written communication
    • Grammar practice
    • Vocabulary enrichment
    • Phonetics
    • Spanish culture

20 teaching hours per week (summer programmes: 4 hours of cultural activities per week + 2 one day-trips during each 4-week course)

  • Morning classes from Monday to Friday
  • Cultural activities in the afternoons or on Saturdays
  • Short Courses (Code EIC)
    • Minimum 2 weeks
    • Start dates: second and fourth Mondays of each month.
  • Two courses:
  • - 7th to 18th of July
  • - 21st to 31st of July




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Universidad de Burgos
Universidad de Burgos
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