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Universidad de Burgos
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Residencia Estela
C/ Nuestra Sra. de Fátima, 13
Tel.: +34 947 221070

Residence run by nuns in the Gamonal district. It is somewhat far away from the city center, but well connected by buses that run every 5 minutes. You can come and go as you please and the atmosphere is pleasant. Students must bring their own sheets and towels: duvets and blankets are not necessary. Approximate prices for the academic year 2001-2002 are:

Single room: 395 € /month full board
Double room: 355 € /month full board

Residencia María Inmaculada
C/ Ramón y Cajal, 5
Tel.: +34 947 261500

Residence in the city center run by nuns, near the Caballería parking lot.There are some limits on hours but the atmosphere is pleasant. Students must bring their own towels and sheets; duvets and blankets are not necessary. Prices for rooms with full board range between 420 €-450 € per month (single/double, with or without private bathroom, etc.).

Residencia Teresa Guash
C/ Nicolás de Vergara, 1-3
Tel.: (+34) 947 268479

Residence run by nuns in a quiet part on the city near the Promenade of la Quinta with room for up to 12 students. If offers a pleasant and well-decorated atmosphere. There are some limits on hours at night.

Single room with bathroom: 375 € / month full board
Single room without bathroom: 350 € / month full board
22,5 € /day full board

Prices do not include dining services on Sundays.

Residencia Misioneras Hijas del Calvario
C/ Pradoluengo, 22
Tel.: +34 947 203365

Located in a very quiet part of town, surrounded by houses, between the University Campus of San Amaro and the city centre, within walking distance of the train station. It has limits on hours at night. It offers guests the possibility to use a kitchen as they please.

Single room (room only): 12,- € / day
Single room (room and access to cooking facilities): 15,- € / day

Residencia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús
Avda. Reyes Católicos, s/n
09004 Burgos
Tel.: (+34) 947 276087

Residence run by nuns in the modern center of the city, close to commercial and leisure areas. The rooms are not modern, but they are functional. Telephones in the hall for incoming and outgoing calls. The residence has a large dining room with lots of light and a view to the river Vena. The television and video room is large and in good condition.

It has 25 single rooms with bathroom, besides another 50 rooms with different features (singles and doubles).

Approximately between 300-360,- € / month full board depending on the room

Residencia Universitaria Santa Rafaela (Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón)
Avda. de Palencia, 1
09001 Burgos
Tel.: (+34) 947 208240

Next to the train station and the river Arlanzón, between the city centre and the university campus of San Amaro, this residence offers single rooms, a library, a reading room, visitors´ room, television and video room, a large dining room, a chapel, a piano, a small basketball court and a garden, ping-pong table, etc.

Website: http:www.planalfa.es
(click on "Otras instituciones", then "Colegios", "Castilla León" and finally "Burgos")
Madres Reparadoras
C/ Calera, 8
Tel.: +34 947 269750
Residence run by nuns next the Museo Provincial de Burgos, 2 minutes on foot from the Bus Station and the main Post Office, right in the centre of the city. Its facilities include a large dining room, a television and video room and an indoors swimming pool, among others.

The residence offers double rooms with a full bathroom inside the room. All bathrooms were recently renovated . Each room has a telephone for incoming calls, a bedside table and an in-built closet.

Residencia Santa Mª Reina
Avda. Cantabria, 49-1
Tel.: +34 947 210808
Residencia Sunser
C/ Santa Casilda, 3-5
Tel.: +34 947 278120



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