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The Sports Service offers a wide program of sporting activities throughout the academic year for all levels, with qualified sports staff on hand to provide coaching and advice. The following activities, divided into two semesters, can be pursued:

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Fitness training, aerobics, badminton, ballroom dancing, fencing, climbing, golf, weight training, sauna, massage, swimming, orienteering, rugby, flamenco dancing, archery, tennis, volleyball, yoga, etc

 The Sports Service also organises different excursions (bike riding, hiking, skiing, diving), further information about which can be found on campus noticeboards. Sport activities are an excellent and cheap opportunity for foreign students to both explore the surroundings and at the same time interact with Spanish students

A sports card is available for these activities, valid for one year, at a cost of 36,06 €. Card holders are entitled to:

  • Attend 4 one-day activities free of charge (hiking, mountain bike, rock-climbing or espeleology) and get 50% off any additional one-day activity.
  • Get 50% off from weekend activities, as well as one-day skiing activities.
  • Get 10% off the original price for one-week activities.


For further information about sports at the University of Burgos (in Spanish): Servicio de Deportes



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