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The cost of living depends on the type of accommodation chosen by each student and individual habits, so the following list is simply to give you an estimation of regular expenses in Burgos:

Cinema: 6,50  € regular price; 5,50 € with a student card Monday-Friday
Daily menu in a restaurant: 10-12 €
A white coffee: 1,20 €
A loaf of bread: 0,95 €
500 sheets of paper: 5,50 €
Recreation (monthly): 120-150 €
Food (monthly): 220 €
Room in a shared apartment: 200-300 € /month (plus gas, electricity and other expenses)
Room with a family (full board): 23 €/day. 690 € /month. (prices valid until 31st December 2012)
Daily menu at the university cafeteria: 5,80



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Universidad de Burgos
Universidad de Burgos
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