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Burgos is a relatively small but longish city and some of its districts are former villages scattered in a few kms. around. Public transportation is often handy and necessary.

Some bus lines connect the city center with districts in the outskirts every 15 or 20 minutes. Other lines connect two opposed districts every 40 minutes. The average time between buses is 20 minutes, except for the Gamonal district, every 5 minutes.
A night-bus service on the weekend connects the district of Gamonal and the South of the city (San Agustín-Carretera de Arcos) until 3 AM.

City Hall Bus has developed a fully integrated ticketing scheme with a single prepaid card available from 2 € and on sale at over 200 shops. As part of this scheme local City Hall has installed new bus prepaid card readers on all buses at the entrance door of the bus that display details of journeys or days of travel left each time you validate your card.

For further information about the lines and timetables (in Spanish), please visit:
Líneas de Autobuses



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