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General orientation and information are not given individually, but in specifically organized orientation sessions once or twice every semester. 

Buses going the San Amaro campus have their final stop at Barrio del Pilar (lines 5, 7 and 39), which you can take in several places in the city centre, for example:

-calle Vitoria, 7 (accross the ZARA store)
-Puente de Santa María (by the river, opposite the Arco de Santa María)

Buses run approximately every 20 minutes

In the orientation session you will receive information about university and administrative procedures, the Spanish university system, information about practical life and immigration issues (UNOFFICIAL). It is your responsibility to attend one of the programmed orientation sessions.


As part of the online application, students are asked to choose courses they might be interested in while studying at the University of Burgos. However, that is neither a definitive Learning Agreement nor a "real" Registration as they enrol on arrival. Detailed information on registration procedures and enrolment appointments will be fully provided to international students during the mandatory orientation sessions. On a normal basis, students have a two-week period to attend classes and confirm the courses of their choice before completing their registration at the International Office. 

Please bear in mind that the University of Burgos cannot fully guarantee that students can finally register for the subjects they listed on the on-line application (due to timetable changes or unexpected academic rearrangements). It is strongly advisable to take alternatives into account in case some first-chosen-options courses are not available.

Visiting students will receive a registration confirmation copy (resguardo de matrícula ) with the list of final courses and the fees. This document is not valid unless it bears the stamp of the bank proving that you have paid for tuition and administration fees. You must bring it to any office of "Caja de Burgos" or "Caja del Círculo". After you pay in cash, the bank will stamp all 3 copies of the form. You must bring one stamped copy back to the Intenational Office. If you fail to do do, your registration will be cancelled.  To estimate aproximately the cos of your registration as a visiting student,  please check public tuition fees at the University of Burgos. 


* All information contained herewith is given for orientation purposes only and IN NO WAY OFFICIAL. You must always confirm this information with official immigration authorities, such as a Spanish Embassy/Consulate in your home country, your national Embassy/Consulate in SpainEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana emergente or the Spanish Ministry for Internal AffairsEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana emergente
A) EU citizens who are allowed to enter Spain without a student visa: they can move freely in Spain without reporting to the police or obtaining any residence permit.
B) Citizens who need a student visa to enter Spain: depending on whether your stay will be under or over 6 months, you will have to repport to the Oficina de Extranjeros and apply for a "Prórroga de estanciaEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana emergente " (form EX-12) or for an "Autorización de estancia por estudios Este enlace se abrirá en una ventana emergente " (form EX-06)
You will need to arrange an appointment by telephone with the Oficina de Extranjeros before your student visa expires and present the original and a photocopy of the following documents (confirm the list of documents when you make an appointment)

-3 copies of the application form o
-student visa
-written proof in Spanish about your medical insurance policy valid throughout your stay (as detailed as possible)
-written proof that you have available funds to finance your stay (sworn declaration from legal tutor and bank statements, credit card copy, cash-machine receipts, etc).
-3 passport-sized colour pictures
-acceptance letter from the University of Burgos and registration confirmation (justificante de matrícula )

Subdelegación del Gobierno en Burgos. Oficina de Extranjeros

C/ Vitoria, 34

Tel.: 947 76 91 00



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