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Visiting students (non-degree seeking)

The increase in the number of requests of information from both Spanish and international students who wish to follow first and second degree courses currently offered at UBU (undergraduate) has led university to settle an administrative frame which should provide for this possibility and regulate the necessary registration and certification procedures.

Article 1.-In order to access UBU as a visiting student, applicants must provide written proof that they have been or are presently enrolled at a Spanish or foreign university.

Article 2.-The fees to be paid for enrollment will be determined by the price of the credit each year, according to the regulation in force.

Article 3.-The student will have the right to:

1.-Attend classes and take the corresponding exams of the courses s/he is enrolled in.
2.-Receive an official certificate for those courses issued by the University of Burgos, should s/he pass the corresponding exams.
3.-Obtain the student ID, which will enable him/her to use all university facilities and libraries.

Article 4.-Under no circumstances will the student be able to obtain an official degree from the University of Burgos, unless it be through the recognition of his/her foreign degree.

Article 5.- Application forms from international students will be sent to the International Office. These applications will require the approval of Dean or Director of the Faculty or School, besides that of the Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs. The International Relations Office will be informed of the final decision and will contact the student. The student will have to provide the following documents:

Registration form

A passport-sized picture 

Photocopy of his/her personal ID or passport

Document proving that s/he has been or is currently enrolled at a Spanish or foreign university



1) Application for admission : fill in the application form
2) Deadline for application

First semester or full-year students

30th June.

Second semester students

30th November. 

3) Documents you must endorse with your application form

-Photocopy of your national identity document (passport no. if you need an invitation letter for a student visa))
-Certificate or document proving that you are/ have been a university student in your home country
-2 passport-sized colour pictures
-Certificate or document stating your level of Spanish

4) Application form with all enclosures must me submitted by e.mail to:


Once your application has been received and processed, the International Office will contact you by email to inform you about your admission. If you need to apply for a student visa to enter Spain, an invitation letter will be issued automatically and sent to the address you indicated on your application form.

5 ) What are the fees for visiting students?

The fees change according to the number of credits you enrol in. Each course has an allocated number of ECTS credits.

 The price of credits is divided in several blocks of degrees (the price of credits in technical degrees is higher than in humanities degrees). Official prices are subject to updates every year.

The following fees were approved by the Social Council of University in May 2013

 - Administrative fee: 70 €

- Credit:1.5 times the public price  of a credit. 

The payment is to be made at a local savings bank (Caja de Burgos or Caja del Círculo ) after you confirm your registration at the Student Registrar?s Office in your Faculty or School (Secretaría de Alumnos ). Registration dates for visiting studens are the same as for the rest of international students, and the process and dates will be fully informed at the "Orientation Session" celebrated before the beginning of each semester (full details about this are to be found in the section "What must I do upon arrival?")

6 ) Frequently asked questions

-Can I add or drop courses once I am in Burgos?

YES, the list of courses approved in the application form for visiting students represents a preliminary plan. Changes are possible upon arrival if need be, upon permission of the Faculty/School.

-Can I register for courses from different degrees? If so, must I confirm my registration upon arrival in all the Faculties/Schools that I am applying to?

YES, you may choose courses from different degrees and Faculties/Schools. Admission must then be approved by the Dean/Director of each Faculty/School. Once you are in Burgos, you do not need to register in each Faculty/school, you will be considered a student of the Faculty/School where you will be taking the largest number of credits.

-Can I pay the fees and receive a registration confirmation before I arrive in Burgos?

NO, it is not possible to confirm registration and pay for the fees from your home land. You must wait and do that upon arrival in the dates established.

For any further questions, please contact us by email: relin3@ubu.esEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana emergente



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