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Adapting social scripts for Android platform Socio-Ruta V1.0



Adapting social scripts for Android platform Socio-Ruta V1.0

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This is a set of socio-communicative software that has been designed for use by people with Autism Spectrum Disorders or for people who have difficulty in social situations with different levels of difficulty, such as can be people with brain damage, social phobia, nonverbal learning disorder, specific language disordes, among others. Its purpose is to facilitate the understanding of complex circumstances these people.

Innovative aspects

Most of related works only are dedicated to iOS platforms (iPhone and iPad). These devices are expensive. On the other hand Socio-Ruta, being developed for Android platform, has the advantage of can operate in Android tablets low cost (up to 10 times lower than an iPad). Thus Socio-Ruta can reach more people and with price more reduced.
- It can be create customized scripts, thus providing the option to create a script for each different case.
- The resulting application can be reusable for other uses that were not the original.
- By editing graphs can be constructed e.g. test of any kind and for any purpose.

It could be consider the option to make a desktop application for the end user, in order to reach a wider audience.

Today there is no such tool in Spanish


Software based desktop for social scripting and Android for viewing by people with ASDs.
To help people with ASDs, tutors have a desktop Java application with which can generate complex scripts while end users have an Android app for tablets, in which can access a set of social scripts that respond to different environments (school, work, street, meetings in the home, day center ... ) and various social situations or relationships which frequently develop in these environments or suppose a problem for the person with the social deficit . These scripts represent structured fragmentation step-by-step of the development of social situations that may represent different levels of complexity.
It is totally modelled on individual needs, it can be add new scripts simply by educators, family or by the person , keeping in mind their particular social situations, age , preferences, and the complexity that can handle the child or adult who use it. Thus, it can be choose the content that appears (images, video or audio) and also the level of complexity based on whether or not the child can manage categories and writing sentences. Also this software could be readjusted for educational environments at all levels to complement the traditional method of teaching with new technologies.


Specific product. Spanish language. Customizing scripts. Possibility of expansion by translation.

Main Applications

In adition to autism centers, this software can be useful for training in domestic environment and this way complement the education of these centers. Also it may be applicable to other types of institutes as schools, colleges or universities.


Apply for register Intellectual Property (IP): 2011/28/02

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