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Continous flow detector for electroanalysis



Continous flow detector for electroanalysis

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The detector consists of a continuous flow cell for electroanalysis, constructed with a transparent material that has a flow system samples in solution, and measuring electrodes attached. This cell "wall-jet" improves the process of determination of physicochemical parameters on flow through electrochemical techniques.

Innovative aspects

The cell design allows its construction is simple and attainable. This cell consists of a single piece only as central body, this represents a great advantage over commercial cells that consist of multiple, ensuring that it is hermetic. In adittion the input system wall-jet flow, prevents accumulation of liquid in dead spaces.


The cell consists of a cylinder of resin (or other transparent materials) resistant to acids. At the top of the cylinder is placed on the working electrode and at the bottom, the inlet flow. On the sides of the cylinder are perfomanced two holes perpendicular to the reference electrodes and counter electrode, and two output allowing dissolution.


It allows the analysis of electroactive compounds (specially heavy metals) in continuous or discontinuous regime in systems of control of effluents (without particles in supensión). The cell is easily renewable and of easy cleanliness.

Main Applications

The cell is versatile because it can be adapted to many effluent control systems, such as determination of heavy metals in food and water. It can be applied in environmental monitoring stations, quality control laboratories, etc.


Modelo de Utilidad

Número de solicitud: U9902215

Fecha de solicitud: 20/08/1999

Fecha de concesión: 28/06/2000.

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