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Interactive Learning Manager for Graphic Engineering: Spatial Vision (ILMAGE_SV)



Interactive Learning Manager for Graphic Engineering: Spatial Vision (ILMAGE_SV)

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The Interactive Learning Management System is a web tool to support learning of spatial visualization for students in the fields of engineering graphics, and a student learning monitoring tool for the teacher. This application is designed to develop spatial visualization abilities, so that students have a more uniform level of spatial vision to enroll in Engineering Degrees. Therefore, it is appropriate for students who have spatial vision difficulties before entering in the university. The tool has four parts:1. A pretest that recommends initial learning level; 2. An interface with interactive 3D models; 3. A model with self-learning interactive; 4. A database that allows users to know the results of learning.

The structure designed in the content management system can be applied to other graphical engineering materials. It has three types of users: student, teacher and administrator.

Innovative aspects

All the similar applications we know have text and animation in two dimensions, but not all the applications contain 3D-objects that can be manipulated providing 3-dimension interactivity, and data transmission, nor learning tracking through database.

The main differences with the majority of these applications are that this tool has 3D-objects that can be manipulated and also calculates and displays the results and scores of the completed exercises. It also allows students and teachers to track progress by connecting with a database that has a test which offers guidance as to the learning level to start at. It has been used and validated in experiments.


The content management system structure is mainly composed of a database , a system manager and a user.

The database contains all the information generated by users. It stores all the data related to the exercises, examples and theory and also the training exercises proposed by the teacher and those created by the students, the results of exercises and tests, and all data from each user session.

A management system that manages content and users. Thereby allowing assessment and monitoring of student learning, independently. Finally, the third element of this structure is the user. This user, to better manage information, has three access roles: Student , Teacher and Administrator.

It is an interactive website using Open Source technologies. Apache is used as web server. PHP and MySQL to obtain a dynamic site, which is friendly and easy to navigate. HTML v.4 was used for the design of Web pages


ILMAGE_SV is a useful tool to improve spatial visualization abilities, being more effective for those students that accessed engineering courses with no prior knowledge of Technical Drawing. In addition to this point, it helps teachers, as they can repeat this training in following years with new students, using up less preparation time and reducing the time spent correcting the various set exercises. They can also confirm the knowledge of their students by their rate of spatial visualization ability learning. The teacher can immediately assess the strengths and weaknesses of the group of students by their level of spatial visualization ability.

Main Applications

It is aimed at all people who need to develop their spatial visualization abilities. Spatial vision is mainly developed by training, the development being greater in early childhood but it also occurs at other ages. In particular is aimed at future engineering students with low abilities development of spatial vision. Therefore, it can be used as pre-entry training in the university. Also it is aimed at teachers of subjects that require a certain level of spatial vision, since it is a tool that allows you to track student learning in such subjects.


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