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Real Time Remote Sensing Network to Monitor Environmental Quality in Aquifers



Real Time Remote Sensing Network to Monitor Environmental Quality in Aquifers

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This technology permits monitoring water quality in real time in aquifers. It is specially useful for groundwater flowing in Natural Areas with difficult accessibility. Various water quality parameters such as physical and chemical parameters (e.g. temperature, conductivity, pH, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulphate, chloride, nitrate, ammonium, phosphate, iron, manganese, fluoride,...). These data periodically measured are stored and remotely sent to a device at the office of the manager.

Innovative aspects

The control and monitoring of water samples in aquifers located in natural areas of difficult access is easier and cheaper than other conventional techniques. Waters are regularly taken from the same sampling sites and analysed. Standardised methods are used so that the results are comparable. Accumulated data is stored, analysed and reported. In addition to traditional sampling, other methods such as remote sensing can be used.


Design of a water quality control network, identifying the samplings sites with hydrology, geochemistry and environmental criteria, to optimize the lowest number of points but the most representatives.

Attaching sensors devices that periodically analyze the decided parameters and store the information.

Sending the data and the stored information by remote control to a device of the manager office.

Groundwater quality monitoring, water quality network, remote sensing quality aquifers.


Lower economics costs by using simple and easy devices and by dramatically reduce field visits and sampling devices downloads.

Advantages of a much more effective environmental control by having real-time information.Benefits of the design of an optimized control network that drastically reduce the number or sample points.

Main Applications

Applications for managers of water quality in natural areas, karst areas, water well fields, aquifers, wetlands,... Useful for administrations, private institutions, environmental organizations, researchers, and managers of groundwater in difficult access areas and water users (irrigation, water resource managers,...).

Research Group

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Jose Manuel López López

jmllopez@ubu.esEste enlace se abrirá en una ventana emergente

+34 947 25 8895



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