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This is the most common option for international exchange students, especially for those who will be staying in Burgos for the full academic year.

You can expect to pay from 180 € up to 250 € a month for a room in a flat with other students, plus electricity and heating bills. Most of the flats are completely furnished and usually have 3-4 rooms. Keep in mind that you also will be required to pay a deposit of one to three months’ rent when you start renting the room.

The University of Burgos has boosted a new on-line accomodation device that offers the possibilty to both searching for room mates or flats. Students can restrict their search according to the city area they may wish to live in. To locate the streets, you may browse the following links: 

 http://callejero.paginasamarillas.es/home.asp  or   http://maps.google.es/

Este enlace se abrirá en una ventana emergente

Besides, there are weekly local papers carrying adverts for whole flats for rent (“Alquileres”), or rooms in flats already occupied by students. We also recommend you to keep an eye on the notice boards in the different faculties, which always have a good number of adverts for shared flats.



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